7 August 21:01 (BST)

AT: ASHER-SMITH - gold in the women's 100m

BERLIN - Comments from Dina ASHER-SMITH (GBR) after winning gold in the women's 100m in a British-record 10.85 seconds at the Olympic Stadium in Berlin on Tuesday.

Dina ASHER-SMITH (GBR) - gold

On winning gold:

"I'm so happy. To run 10.8 (seconds) in a championships is a really big deal so I'm really, really happy.

"I wanted to come here and run a 10.8. After running a few low 10.9s, I knew I had it in my legs. Obviously when you come to a champs anything can happen. I'm so happy right now."

On her run:

"I did everything right, which in a final is really, really good.

"After the heat, I sat in the blocks...and my reaction time was point-two. (I said to myself) 'Dina, you're here to run, what are you doing? Don't sit in the blocks'. I was really, really happy to have nailed it in the final because there are so many talented women alongside me and when you're in that kind of field you've just got to go out and  (run) your race and ignore what they're doing.

"I'm really, really happy.

"I really wanted the world lead. I said to my coach and my physio that I'm going for a world lead today."

On what she is hoping for when she competes in the 200m, which begins on Friday:

"To do the same thing that I did today, that's what I'm hoping for."

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