10 August 14:25 (BST)

CB: ANDRE (FRA) - 'If I am at 95% I can win'

GLASGOW - Comments from Sylvain ANDRE (FRA) after qualifying for the 1/8 finals at the Glasgow BMX Centre, Knightswood Park on Friday.

Sylvain ANDRE (FRA)

On his performance, the day after he crashed in training:

"It was OK. I could handle the pain from the very first few metres, but I'm glad I have 24 hours (before the 1/8 finals)."

On where he feels the pain:

"It is the left hip and the left hand as well. I try not to hold the left grip too hard and be smooth."

On whether he was surprised to win all three runs in his heat in the motos:

"After practice I knew where I was. Justin KIMMANN (NED) was fast, but I knew I could win them all without taking risks."

On his hopes for the finals on Saturday: 

"It will depend on how the body is, but I am here to win. I will need the body to be at least 95 per cent and then I can win."

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