11 August 11:11 (BST)

CB: BALLBACH (GER) - 'Sometimes you can hit a photographer... It's not as dangerous for me as it is for him'

GLASGOW - Comments from Jonas BALLBACH (GER) after crashing in heat 4 of the men's 1/8 finals at Glasgow BMX Centre, Knightswood Park on Saturday.


On the crash, which ended his race and wiped out Ruben GOMMERS (BEL) and Helvijs BABRIS (LAT):

"The Belgian guy crashed in front of me then I rode into him."

"My back is hurting a bit and also my neck and my head, but I think everything is alright and there are no big problems." 

On crashing into a photographer at the edge of the track:

"It doesn't happen often but sometimes it happens that someone goes into a photographer. I think it's not as dangerous for me as it is for him."

On whether the photographer should have been standing in a safer place:

"I don't think so. The photos are better when he stands there, and it's all about the photos."

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