10 August 14:40 (BST)

CB: EVANS (GBR) - 'We are having good battles and challenges'

GLASGOW - Comments from Kyle EVANS (GBR) after qualifying for the 1/8 finals at the Glasgow BMX Centre, Knightswood Park on Friday.


On the crowd support:

"We’ve got a nice big crowd here (who) are all behind us. We can hear that when we are on the course, and, as racers, we are having good battles and challenges.

"When we are in race mode and we're doing a lap, you kind of zone in and zone out from it. You're so focused on what you're doing, that you don't really hear anything. It's like a blur, but when you make a pass, or you're out in front, you do hear the crowd and it catches you. It's fantastic. It does give you that little bit of excitement and make you feel good about yourself when you're coming down the home straight."

On the track:

"The track is really tight. It's technical, high tempo. It's certainly challenging and tiring - I've enjoyed it.

"I’m sure it plays to some peoples’ advantage more than others. The higher skilled rather, than just the faster riders, probably find it just a little bit easier. It’s got a bit for everybody and it seems like everyone is enjoying themselves. It doesn't seem like there’s too many crashes so that’s always a bonus.

"We've been lucky with the weather. I thought this morning, when we woke up, that the weather might get us, but it has turned out really well." 

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