10 August 14:17 (BST)

CB: KIMMANN (NED) - 'If you're in front, you don't have to worry about other people'

GLASGOW - Comments from men's BMX rider Niek KIMMANN (NED) after winning motos heat 8 at the Glasgow BMX Centre, Knightswood Park, on Friday.


On competing at Knightswood Park:

"Especially with this kind of crowd so enthusiastic, when you are at the gates you always get that kind of Olympic vibe, like Rio two years ago with the crowd and everything. We were also expecting rain so definitely sun is always something that you can't do anything about but it always makes an event much better. A lot of people showed up today as well."

On his performance: 

"Yesterday, practice wasn't exactly the way I wanted it to be, so I knew to stay out of troubles I had to step it up a little bit today compared to yesterday and I got first, second and first in the motos [riders competed in three runs], so I am just happy that I made it through, but the real thing starts tomorrow."

On the crashes during the qualifications:

"If you are in front you don't have to worry about other people, so it's always the best thing to be out in front and that's what everyone tries to do, but we are racing with eight guys at the same time so only one guy can be out in front and, of course, I'll try to be that guy, but if you are not, we've been doing this sport for 14 years so we should know what to do."

On world champion Sylvain ANDRE's (FRA) crash during training on Thursday:

"I know what he said about the track after his crash and I feel the same way when he's saying that this track is difficult. But at the moment we are here to race as fast as we can and we can't do anything about this track. It is what it is.

"If I am complaining now it's not going to make me ride better, so I want to focus on my riding and deal with it, and maybe after the race, [it] is something to think about because there's definitely some things to be changed.

"The facility is great, the track is great, but there are just a couple of key parts in the track that would be better if they change a little bit."

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