11 August 12:19 (BST)

CB: SCHOTMAN (NED) - 'I jumped it too short and I was thinking, oh s***'

GLASGOW - Comments from Mitchel SCHOTMAN (NED) after failing to qualify for the semifinals at the Glasgow BMX Centre, Knightswood Park on Saturday.


On his performance:

"In the first straight I made a big mistake. I stopped pedalling and I jumped. While the first two jumps were good, the third was bad. I jumped it too short and I was thinking, 'oh s***'.

"I tried my hardest. You always do, but it was bad. It's sad because before I got here, my goal was to make the semifinal, but now I'm out. I did my best, but it wasn't enough."

On competing in the UK:

"It's so cool to race here. I enjoyed it so much. When there is an English [British] guy on the track they are yelling so loud and so hard.

On his future plans:

"Now I get a week off. No training, nothing. Then some nationals and then I will go to China to the Class 1 race (in September), with a lot of money on the line. It's a fun trip to go over there, and then it's focus again on 2019."

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