11 August 12:37 (BST)

CB: VANHOOF (BEL) - 'I had to brake, then everyone was gone'

GLASGOW - Comments from Elke VANHOOF (BEL) after failing to qualify for the women's final at Glasgow BMX Centre, Knightswood Park on Saturday.


On where her race went wrong:

"I chose lane eight because it is safe and I can just be calm and smooth and do my lap, but I jumped the first jump and hit Meral SMULDERS (NED) with my elbow or handlebars - I don't know.

"On the first turn I went to the inside but not inside enough I think, and some other girls came inside and forced me towards the pro section (of the track) so I had to brake, then everyone was gone and I lost all my speed. I hoped for some mistakes form the other ladies but they didn't make any."

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