8 August 21:00 (BST)

AT: CHEMTAI SALPETER - gold in the women's 10,000m

BERLIN - Comments from Lonah CHEMTAI SALPETER after winning gold in the 10,000m in 31 minutes 43.29 seconds at the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday.


On her tactics for the race:

"I am really happy and very excited. My plan was to win, nothing else. It was a difficult race. I made the move and paced harder because I knew that if I do not do it, they would leave me on the last kilometre. I always watched the Dutch girl behind me on the screen.

"This medal is an honour for my flag, for my country and for me, for all the hard work I did for it. The people were supporting us a lot like they were saying "keep going", I liked that. I came here mentally prepared."

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