7 August 11:36 (BST)

AT: Christoph HARTING (GER) - 'What the hell?'

BERLIN - Comments from Olympic champion Christoph HARTING (GER) after failing to produce a legal throw in the men's discus qualification round at Berlin Olympic Stadium on Tuesday.

Christoph HARTING (GER)

On failing to qualify for the men's discus final on Wednesday:

"We had all been hoping for more. I cannot find an explanation and it is really frustrating not knowing why this happened.

"My coach told me that I did not 'dance the movement to the end'. I will have to watch the videos and talk more to my coach.

"This competition ended in an unfortunate way. I had a great feeling and I was in great shape."

On how unusual it is for him to throw into the net that surrounds the circle:

"I hit the net often in training. It is one of my main mistakes, but it must not happen so often in a competition.

"Before the last attempt I did not have any doubts. But after the third attempt I was not shocked but thought, 'What the hell?'"

On how disappointing it is to miss the final:

"This was definitely the most important event of the year for me. Normally I compete better when the stadium is full but I will miss that because I will miss the final.

"I would be easier to watch the final from my couch, but I guess I will be in the stadium."

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