7 August 17:15 (BST)

CM: BRAIDOT (ITA) - silver in men's mountain bike

GLASGOW - Comments from Luca BRAIDOT (ITA) after winning silver in the men's mountain bike at Cathkin Braes on Tuesday.

Luca BRAIDOT (ITA) - silver

On his duel for the gold medal with eventual winner Lars FORSTER (SUI):

"I was hoping to stay with Lars all the way to the last sprint, but I started to feel cramp with one lap to go.

"I was trying to sit in behind him without going in front of him. I didn't want him to know I was having cramp. That was my tactic and I was hoping I could go past him at the end.

"I was feeling tired later in the race but I was still hoping to win of course. I felt very strong on that course today.

"I have not raced him before so I didn't know what to expect from Lars, in a tactical sense."

On taking on a powerful Swiss team in mountain bike:

"It was just the two of us leading the way for a long part of the race. But he had the backing of five of his Swiss team-mates in the leading pack and they were employing team tactics to keep him in front.

"I was always trying to close the gap throughout the race and I attacked their team for two laps to try and break them down. Eventually Lars was the only Swiss in front of me and we went off together. 

"His team were all working together but I was out on my own."

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