7 August 11:54 (BST)


GLASGOW - Comments from Gunn-Rita DAHLE FLESJAA (NOR) after she broke a chain when well-paced and finished 13th in the women's cross-country event at the Cathkin Braes Mountain Bike Trails on Tuesday.


On her race:

"It was all going very well for me in second place when my chain broke on the third lap. I believe this is part of the sport. It's not often it happens but it can happen and it was not the right time for me because I was really feeling super strong and we had control of Jolanda NEEF (SUI), so fighting for gold today was absolutely a possibility.

"It's tough but it's our game. I've been in it for a lot of years so I know that it's part of it.

"I'm already a European champion so I shouldn't complain too much and we've had a fantastic season so far."

On her future plans:

"I'm on the right track and we will work towards the worlds now. Using too much negative energy and feeling would just take away good energy going into the next events.

"I've probably only had a chain break one or two times in my career but I've been in this game for 22 years so it hasn't happened very often."

On the course:

"It's a fantastic course and the people here are all so positive. It's really unbelievable."

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