12 August 17:31 (BST)

CR: VAN AERT (BEL) - bronze in men's road race

GLASGOW - Comments from Wout VAN AERT (BEL) after winning bronze in the men's road race on Sunday.

Wout VAN AERT (BEL) - bronze

On the race:

"It was a difficult race. There were a lot of corners and it felt like a cyclo-cross race over six hours.

"It was very hard and the rain made it difficult to take the corners at high speed so I was accelerating every time on the straights.

"I knew from the beginning it would be a hard final because of that. We had a breakaway quite early and somehow I think all of the countries had someone out in front in the breakaway.

On the finish:

"In the last lap, I lost my team-mate [Dries VAN GESTEL] due to a crash, which was a pity as we could have played a bit.

"I gambled on my sprint at the end and I was the third fastest, so no regrets but I'm disappointed."

On silver medallist Mathieu VAN DER POEL (NED):

"I think it maybe helped that we both have cyclo-cross backgrounds, but we are both strong road racers as well.

"The course was definitely in our favour as it was quite technical and it was a bit different from normal road races that more of the riders would be used to. It was a good course for us."

On the team's race tactics:

"The tactics of our team were good and they worked. We made it a hard race and we controlled the breakaways. And we did some hard laps out in front.

"We protected each other when we felt we were able to do so and we got a good result in the end.

"I was out in front at the end of the race and I thought I had my chance, but third place is OK."

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