7 August 15:11 (BST)

CT: GROS (FRA) - gold in women's keirin

GLASGOW - Comments from Mathilde GROS (FRA) after winning gold in the women's keirin at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, Emirates Arena, on Tuesday.

On winning gold:

"It's my second medal [GROS claimed bronze in the sprint on Sunday 5 August] and my first elite title. I can't believe it. It's so nice. My family are here and I'm so happy to win."

On going for gold:

"My coach told me 'you're good, your legs are really good, so now just relax and have fun. Don't think about the result. Just take the opportunity and if you can go in first position, go really fast and after you do one lap, just go for it'."

On racing against team-mate Sandie CLAIR (FRA):

"I'm so disappointed for my friend Sandie because she took fourth place. And she was really disappointed.

"After my race I was enjoying it, but afterwards I went to talk to her and she said she's really happy for me, but I'm little disappointed for my friend."

On beating silver medallist Nicky DEGRENDELE (BEL) at the final sprint:

"We are really good friends. She's (keirin) world champion and I thought, 'she's just behind me so I think the last lap will be really difficult'. She touched me and I said 'OK, OK, come on, come on, come on, don't stop, more energy, come on'."

On the sprint finish:

"I saw her wheel just behind me and when I passed the line I thought, 'It's me? Am I European champion?' I thought maybe and I looked at the TV and thought again 'maybe, yes'. Then I saw myself up there in first position and thought 'wow, it's me'. I couldn't believe it. It's so fantastic."

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