5 August 13:08 (BST)

CT: KENNY (GBR) - gold

GLASGOW - Comments from track cyclist Laura KENNY (GBR) after winning gold in the women's elimination race at Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, Emirates Arena on Sunday.

Laura KENNY (GBR) - gold

On if she slept well last night:

"No we didn't really, it was actually quite bad. You just get used to it, though. Seriously, he [her 12-month-old son, Albie] didn't actually fall asleep at all last night the little sod, but you know, you get used to it. I don't even feel like I've had a lack of sleep anymore, I just come in and get on with it."

On how many times she woke up during the night:

"I'd say about five. Jason (KENNY, her husband, also competing in track cycling at Glasgow 2018) comes in in the middle of the night to change his nappy and then goes back, and then in the morning he takes him on so I get two hours' sleep, so we tag team. It works well - I mean, we both made it here alright, didn't we?"

On where it all started:

"I shouldn't have even gone to Poland, but that was the beginning of it for me. That was my first international competition with Team GB at senior level, and it sort of just went from there. If you'd asked me then would I be a mum with four gold medals and 12 European golds, I would have been like 'nah, that's not the way my life's gonna pan out', and here we are."

On realising how many medals her and her team-mate Katie ARCHIBALD have won in track cycling:

"To be honest I didn't even realise how many (medals) we had until we were told after the team pursuit, and I was like 'oh fair play, that's quite a lot of gold'. So no, we don't really speak about it, but Katie's got two more attempts."

On how things have changed:

"Since pre-Rio, I used to go home, and if I'd had a bad session I'd stress about it, it's all I would think about. Whereas now, I don't have time to think about that. Albie [her son] is running around like you wouldn't believe at the minute, so I'm making sure he's not pulling the wires out of the wall or sticking stuff in plug sockets, rather than thinking about riding around in circles."

On the upcoming women's madison event:

"Definitely, they're going to go mad for Katie, so it should be a really good atmosphere. I'm glad I've done a group race now because I was a bit worried. I've done these qualifying events throughout the summer, but it's not at any sort of standard as such, because so many nations put in six or seven riders. Whereas this is one per nation, and it's at European level, so it's a pretty good standard."

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