5 August 20:22 (BST)

CT: WEINSTEIN (GER) - gold in the men's individual pursuit

GLASGOW - Comments from Domenic WEINSTEIN (GER) after winning gold in the men's individual pursuit at the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, Emirates Arena, on Sunday.

Domenic WEINSTEIN (GER) - gold

On finally winning gold after taking silver and bronze in the past:

"It's amazing to be on the top of the podium. In previous years I was in second place, third place and everytime it's a little bit sad when I'm not on the top of the podium, so now it's amazing to win here in this race."

On his strategy for the race:

"I think I did my race (plan). The first 12 laps were - 'comfortable' is not the right word - it looked comfortable, maybe, but the last four laps were very hard and a lot of pain. But no pain, no gain."

On where he felt the pain:

"I felt it only in the legs. I felt it like I was pushing in a squat. It is difficult to describe. It is not a smooth feeling it is more a case of, 'Oh f*** what is going on here?' But it is only for one minute."

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