11 August 19:50 (BST)

AT: DE WITTE (NED) - bronze in women's 400m

BERLIN - Comments from Lisanne DE WITTE (NED) after winning bronze in the women's 400m in a national record of 50.77 seconds at Berlin Olympic Stadium on Saturday.

Lisanne DE WITTE (NED) - bronze

On her race:

"It was really tough. I died at the end. I was struggling to get my knees up.

"At the finish line, I looked to my right and nobody was there, so I knew I could have a medal.

"Now I finally have a medal, it feels so great. I have been to a major final only once and I guess I came last."

On her pasage to the final:

"The semis were really hard, too. I was in the hot seat then and got lane two in this final. But it worked for me like that.

"I am a fighter. They others ran so fast, maybe it was better for me not to have run that fast in the semis.

"I achieved a national record, I do not know how I did that."

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