10 August 16:22 (BST)

Diving's 'old man' HAUSDING (GER) finally limps his way to a medal after week of pain

EDINBURGH - Germany's Rio 2016 Olympic bronze medallist Patrick HAUSDING, the oldest man in the competition, finally grabbed a diving medal at the Glasgow 2018 European Championships on Friday after a week dominated by aches, pains and disappointment.

The former world champion, who has won more than a dozen European titles in an illustrious career, has effectively been diving off one leg at the Royal Commonwealth Pool because of an injury to his left thigh which has been hurting whenever he moves on the board.

HAUSDING, at 29 an old man in diving terms in a sport often dominated by teenagers, failed even to qualify for the final of the 1m springboard on Tuesday and was fifth in Thursday’s 3m springboard final, the event in which he won the bronze medal in Rio.

The German talked about "wriggling through qualifying" and "his mental and physical struggle", and reporters had to search on the internet to describe the medical terms of his ailments. 

But HAUSDING finally bounced back to close to his best on Friday with a bronze medal in the synchronised 3m springboard with partner Lars RUEDIGER.

The body was clearly still hurting a lot. Asked about how he felt after the victory, HAUSDING said: "I will find out only tomorrow when I will not take the painkiller medication that is on my plate tonight.

"My whole left side is bothering me - my left foot, left leg, left shoulder starts to hurt, too. But I am on vacation now and then it is OK when everything hurts.

"It was actually the competition where we thought we had the least chance to get a medal. We did not train very much. I had a very rough week, rough competitions and that is over now."

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