9 August 14:52 (BST)

Dutch swimmer VAN ROUWENDAAL reveals 'naked' ambition after winning open water 10km gold

GLASGOW - Double gold medallist Sharon VAN ROUWENDAAL (NED) swam "naked" underneath her wetsuit after forgetting to take a swimming costume to her 10km open water race at Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park on Thursday.

Now the Dutch Olympic champion may carry on doing it because she is so superstitious.

VAN ROUWENDAAL had to rush to the changing rooms after winning the race and explained why afterwards.

"It's a good story - this is breaking news," she said. "Yesterday, I came here for the 5K and I wondered, 'What do you bring to a competition?' Normally I forget this jacket (gestures to NED team jacket). They (her team) say why (do you forget it), but it brings bad luck to to bring the jacket for the podium.

"So I took it yesterday. But then I came and I thought, 'Where's my swimsuit?' And my coach said, 'How can you forget your swimsuit - you're a swimmer?'

"Then I thought, 'Well let's go naked, why not?' And I won. I swam fast so I wondered if maybe the girls are going do it too. I believe in superstitions, so I thought, 'Let's go naked again'."

VAN ROUWENDAAL, who won the 5km event on Wednesday, still has the team relay and 25km to go and may choose to ditch the costume again.

However, she will have some explaining to do to the race stewards.

"The steward said, 'You have to change here'. And I said, 'Well, I'm naked under it so I don't think so'," VAN ROUWENDAAL added.

"Now you will see next year everyone going naked. But if you have a hole (in the wetsuit) during the race it's a problem."

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