11 August 19:16 (BST)

DV: BLAGG (GBR) #2 - silver in women's 3m springboard

EDINBURGH - Comments from diver Alicia BLAGG (GBR) after taking the silver medal in the women's 3m springboard at the Royal Commonwealth Pool on Saturday. 

Alicia BLAGG (GBR) - silver

On her expectations coming into the 2018 European Championships:

"My expectations for this year were just to put out a solid list. It was never a case of 'get a medal', it was a case of 'try and make the final, try and keep your stuff together and just try to be positive'."

On taking the silver medal:

"There are no words. I was crying happy tears because I was in absolute shock. I never thought I would ever get to this in my career. It's amazing."

On Grace REID (GBR) winning the gold medal:

"She deserves it so much. It was a battle between us and I'm gutted because we were so close but I wouldn't have wanted the gold to go to anyone else."

On what she will take from her performance on Saturday:

"I'm going to have a few weeks off because it's been a long, long season. I think it's given me a lot of confidence going into next season, knowing that I am good enough and I can do it. I have a lot of doubt in my mind but I think this has really helped me and hopefully in the future it will push me. Standing on the podium in silver-medal position has increased my confidence."

On what she will be doing after this competition:

"I will be training towards nationals in February. I dive at Miami University in the US and I will have a few competitions out there. They are not crazy hard but you still have to be ready for them. "

On what she thinks of these championships:

"I think they have been incredible. The Commonwealth Games were here four years ago and they have put on another amazing show. Loads of support and it's just nice being close to home as well, it's really lovely."

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