9 August 18:53 (BST)

DV: GOODFELLOW (GBR) - 'It's nice to do some individual competing'

EDINBURGH - Comments from Daniel GOODFELLOW (GBR) after finishing fifth in the men's 3m springboard at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh on Thursday.


On his performance in the final:

“The performance was better this morning, the score was higher. I think the dives were more consistent [in the finals] but I’m lacking a bit of tariff and degree of difficulty.

“The boys out there have so much experience. They’ve been competing on springboard for so many years and I’ve only been doing it for a year so it’s about getting experience and moving forward and hopefully I can challenge for those medals.

On how his final dive improved in the final from the preliminary:

"I think I may have overcorrected the dive but I’m happy I didn’t make the same mistake again. I didn’t do the dive again in training beforehand, I trusted in myself I would be able to do it and I’m overall quite happy."

On his thoughts about Evgenii KUZNETSOV (RUS) executing the same final dive as himself:

“The Russians are really good at the front forward four and a half (somersaults) which is the last dive they always perform because they know they can execute it well. It just so happened that I put it as my last dive too but I don’t necessarily put my best dive last but my most rewarding, so that if it goes well it gets me even more points.”

On making the transition from synchronised to individual event:

“It’s nice to experience [competing as an individual] because I’ve never really had a chance to pursue my individual career whilst I was doing the synchro."

On his future diving with Tom DALEY (GBR):

"Tom and I will hopefully be still looking to do synchro next year. We've been doing it together for the last two years but I'm still making the transition so we'll see where we both are."

On his plans for the future:

“I'm going to have a big break then reassess when I go back to training next season. I’m not sure whether I want to carry on doing the tower as the springboard is really exciting for me."

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