8 August 15:49 (BST)

DV: KESAR (UKR) OLIFERCHYK (UKR) - bronze in the mixed synchronised 3m springboard

EDINBURGH - Comments from Viktoriya KESAR (UKR) and Stanislav OLIFERCHYK (UKR) after winning bronze in the mixed synchronised 3m springboard at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh on Wednesday.

Stanislav OLIFERCHYK (UKR) - bronze

On their performance:

"We rate our it above average because we had some problems with the entry into the water. The synchronisation went really well. We trained enough, but we need to work on our entry."

On competing in the synchronised event:

"The synchro is one of my favourite events. It is a little distraction from the individual events where I have to jump higher and have to do harder dives. Here, I have to adapt to Vika [Viktoriya KESAR] so that everything is synchronised and the dives are easier, so I can relax a bit."

On his next events:

"I still have the three metres springboard tomorrow [Thursday]. Today's result motivates me a lot."

Viktoriya KESAR (UKR) - bronze

On their performance:

"Overall we dived quite well, but we need to be cleaner and work on the entry. Then hopefully we can do better next year."

On how much they need to practise for the synchronised event:

"It's quite a lot. We have 10 practises a week."

On heading into her next events:

"I have the one metre springboard, three metres springboard and synchronised coming up, so still a lot. I feel motivated to do even better."

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