11 August 17:49 (BST)

DV: LEE, TOULSON #2 (GBR) - silver in mixed 10m synchronised platform

EDINBURGH - Comments from Matthew LEE (GBR) and Lois TOULSON (GBR) after they won the silver medal in the mixed synchronised 10m platform at the Royal Commonwealth Pool on Saturday.

Matthew LEE (GBR) - silver

On their final dive:

"I knew we had to do a good dive in the last round to get a gold medal. Unfortunately, we just missed it by two points, but that’s diving."

On their overall performance in the final:

"The first two dives could have been better. The second to last one was where our big mistake happened. Both of us landed over but the Russians already had us on the required (first two dives) by two points, so we were just trying to catch up."

On their season:

"We wouldn't be carrying on doing this if we weren'’t really a strong team and good friends. We've being doing this for quite a while."

Lois TOULSON (GBR) - silver

On winning silver after Russia won gold by two points:

"Russia set the bar high. They had a hard dive in there as well. So we were at a disadvantage at the start. They really nailed their dives, so they deserve it."

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