10 August 18:04 (BST)

DV: PUNZEL (GER) – 'I have to do it in the final and not before or afterwards'

EDINBURGH – Comments from Tina PUNZEL (GER) after finishing fourth in the women’s 1m springboard diving at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh on Friday.


On missing out on a medal after a poor fourth dive, a reverse two and a half somersaults: 

"I'm a little bit disappointed because my fourth dive was not as good as I can do. I wanted to win a medal and I had a really good preliminary so I'm not very happy.

"The approach was not perfect and then I started overthink what I should do and that's the second I lost it. I just should have done it like I usually do. It did not even need to be a beautiful dive. To fall straight into the water would have been enough. So I am a bit upset but you need to learn from it.

"I risked everything and I really wanted to do that dive. I did it in the preliminary and in the warm up. But I have to do it in the final and not before or afterwards."

On going into her final dive:

"By then I knew a medal was not possible as the other divers were too far (ahead) but I tried to finish the competition with a really good dive to show the judges what I can do.

"You don’t want to end the competition with a bad dive."

On her mentality for the 3m springboard:

"I feel motivated because I know I can win a medal and I’m in really good shape and I’m going to go out there and deliver five good dives.

"I said beforehand that I wanted to get an individual medal and I have that chance tomorrow [Saturday]. I will try to put today behind me. It is a new day tomorrow and anything can happen.

"I expect a lot from myself, I know what I can do and I want to show it in the competition."

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