11 August 20:22 (BST)

DV: REID (GBR) #2: - gold in women's 3m springboard

EDINBURGH - Comments from Great Britain's Grace REID after she won gold in the women's 3m springboard diving final at the Royal Commonwealth Pool on Saturday.

Grace REID (GBR) - gold

On her performance when she clinched victory with a dramatic fifth and final dive:

“I started off well, strong but maybe not as strong as I would have liked. But I knew the back end of these last two dives were really solid for me. I gave it everything I had today and it paid off.

"In diving terms, if you play safe, you hold back a bit, but I was really thinking about my technical points and giving all my energy to the boards today.”

On competing in front of a home crowd in Edinburgh:

“There’s definitely been that special element of being in a home pool, seeing my friends and family, seeing signs from my university friends. In the past I would have been daunted by this and the pressure would have affected me. This time I didn't see it as a pressure, more as an asset. Everyone was rooting for me and I feel like that helped me."

On how she will be celebrating the win, given that she is competing again on Sunday in the women's 3m synchro:

“I would really like just to be done and have a pizza but I’ve got to refocus again.."

On how she plans to build on this success:

“There are a couple of elements I’m not 100 per cent satisfied with and I’m really hoping to iron out those changes for next year’s world championships."

On her plans for mixed synchro next season where she has usually competed with Tom DALEY (GBR), who is currently taking a break from diving:

“If he comes back, I would love to have him alongside me again. But I have a fantastic partner in Ross [HASLAM (GBR)]. I’m lucky to dive with either of them, so I’ll take any opportunity.”

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