8 August 17:53 (BST)

DV: VAN DUIJN (NED) - gold in women's 10m platform

EDINBURGH - Comments from Celine Maria VAN DUIJN (NED) after winning gold in the women's 10m platform final at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh on Wednesday.

Celine Maria VAN DUIJN (NED) - gold

On winning the gold medal: 

"I feel amazing, I still can't believe it.

"Because I came first in the preliminaries, I felt the pressure and I wanted to repeat the success. But you have to control the pressure and nerves so I just tried to do my five dives and not focus too much on what's happening around me. 

"It's pretty close on platform, the scores are closer to each other, but this was a big surprise. I've worked really hard for it and I'm happy it's finally paid off.

"You are looking around, hearing the scores and seeing what other people are doing. After a few dives I knew I had a chance of getting a medal so I became even more nervous and that is the biggest thing to keep under control. 

"This morning I felt terrible. After my warm-up, the dives didn't go as planned and my mind wasn't that good. I was a little bit angry, so I tried to change my mind and do my job."

On her ranking after the first round:

"She [Louis TOULSON (GBR)] was champion last year so I know she could dive really well. I was really nervous to dive after her, to dive last and come in after finishing first in the preliminaries.

"I always start with the lower DD [degree of difficulty] so it's OK for me to score lower at the beginning and climb up, than fall down."

On her plans for the future:

"I have a few more competitions here then a holiday. My main goal is the Olympics in 2020."

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