9 August 15:40 (BST)

DV: WILLIAMS, DIXON (GBR) - silver medallists in the men's synchronised 10m platform

EDINBURGH - Comments from Noah WILLIAMS and Matthew DIXON (GBR) after the British pair took the silver medal in the men's 10m synchronised platform final at the Royal Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh on Thursday.

Noah WILLIAMS (GBR) - silver

On taking silver:

"It feels really good. We managed to step up one place [from bronze at the 2017 European Championships] and to step up our score as well. We also competed with more difficult dives compared to last year, which was riskier but it has paid off. So it feels great."

On being aware of their position at the end of each round:

"I knew where we were placed because I like to know. So, if we need a really good dive or an alright dive, I'll know. Some people don't look, some people do. It depends on the person."

On what they need to do to win a gold medal in the future:

"We need to up our difficulty. I have already done two and a half twists but Matt [DIXON] hasn't. Once he learns them, we can add it into our synchro as well and that will give us a better chance of winning gold."

On competing in a short competition with only five teams:

"I enjoyed it a lot more because it was quick. It was more like training where you go a lot quicker instead of waiting for a long time. So I actually found it easier to perform well instead of getting tired in between rounds. I enjoyed it at lot."

Matthew DIXON (GBR) - silver

On improving their performance going forward:

"We could have done a few things better - inward could have been better. In the next season we are going to up our degree of difficulty, to do the harder dives and get them better and we have more chance of getting that gold. Gold is a possibility for next season. We just have to work on it and hopefully it will all go well."

On his plans after this competition:

"We've got a short holiday, then back to training to learn new dives for next season."

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