12 August 21:25 (BST)

AT: EVORA (POR) - gold in men's triple jump

BERLIN - Comments from Nelson EVORA (POR) after winning the gold medal with a distance of 17.10m in the men's triple jump at Berlin Olympic Stadium on Sunday.

Nelson EVORA (POR) - gold

On the secret to his success:

"This is perfect. I have been longing for this European title for a while, and, today, I finally did it. I'm feeling really pleased, it was very important to get this medal today. Especially because earlier this season I had to deal with an injury, and had to work really hard to be here in Berlin.

"My move to Spain is definitely part of the reason for my success, but the most important thing was to be fully aware of what was wrong so I could fix it with my coach."

On still winning titles at the age of 34:

"Age doesn't really matter, the most important thing is to to have high expectations and aspirations so I can do well. I'm still growing as an athlete, and I can jump better than this.

"Today it wasn't easy, this is a very difficult track. Judging from the overall results, it is clear the others felt it, too."

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