4 August 16:15 (BST)


GLASGOW - Comments from Irina ALEKSEEVA (RUS) after winning the gold medal in the women's gymnastics team final at the SSE Hydro on Saturday.

Irina ALEKSEEVA (RUS) - gold

On winning a gold medal in her first competition for Russia:

"The last weeks were the hardest. We were practising hard. This is my first competion but we've all been working hard together."

On when she moved to the 'Round Lake' (Russia's training centre, ‘Ozero Krugloye’) and decided to join the Russian team: 

"I have been training there for a couple of months and we decided to compete for the Russian team last year.

On when she started gymnastics and moved to the United States:

"I started learning gymnastics a little bit when I was in Russia, then we moved to the United States (when I was seven) and continued there.

"I did not compete for the USA because I don't have citizenship. I competed on an international level, just not for the USA national team."

On the competition and which apparatus she had to prepare for most:

"I think balance beam because that's always scary. I get nervous. I tell myself to calm down and not get too anxious. I have lots of thoughts going through my head, not all of them positive."

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