11 August 17:06 (BST)

GA: CUNNINGHAM (GBR) #2 - silver in men's gymnastics team

GLASGOW - Comments from Dominick CUNNINGHAM (GBR) after taking silver in the men's gymnastics team final at the SSE Hydro on Saturday.


On the challenges the team faced on the final apparatus, the horizontal bar:

"We were so excited for it. I don't know why I slipped. I was ready for the next skill and it wasn't anything to do with nerves. We knew that we were pushing the Russians through the whole competition, so if anyone tries to say 'were you nervous because you were close to the Russians?' - it’s a no. Just because we were pushing it from the very start.

"This is what gymnastics is. Anything can happen on the day."

On the team's performance overall:

"This has definitely put us on the map as to where we stand as a team. Even with the mistakes we made, we still beat our score from the qualification and we know we can improve on that.

"We kept Russia on their toes and they've been a strong team for many years. This [Great Britain] is a brand new team and to come second in the European Championships is just incredible.

"We had a few mistakes at the end but overall we did very well. We’re looking forward to getting back in the gym and working towards future competitions."

On the first multi-sport European Championships:

"It's nice to go back and see where Team Great Britain is in the medals table. I really enjoyed the first multi-sport European Championships and hope it continues and that more sports get included in future."

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