12 August 18:23 (BST)

GA: DALALOYAN (RUS) - gold in vault and parallel bars, bronze in floor

GLASGOW - Comments from Artur DALALOYAN (RUS) after winning gold in the men's vault, gold in the men's parallel bar, and bronze in the men's floor at the SSE Hydro on Sunday.

Artur DALALOYAN (RUS) - gold in vault and parallel bars, bronze in floor

On winning four medals, including gold in the team competition:

"I feel confident and happy to have wins on my back.

"My favourite medal was my team medal, because everybody in Russian gymnastics works towards it, it's also the third in a row in the European championships. Today's medals are a reflection of my personal work."

On winning bronze in the floor, the first event:

"Sometimes mistakes stimulate you to improve. It was the first time that I have competed in three events in one competition, and I think I was maybe a little bit nervous. Maybe this mistake [in his floor routine] made me better for the rest of the tournament, where I won two gold medals."

On beating team-mate David BELYAVSKIY (RUS) in the parallel bars:

"I expected to win a medal, but I didn't expect to get the gold medal. My goal was not to make mistakes. When I saw that David had made a mistake I saw the opportunity to win the gold medal."

On his plans for the future:

"The main thing for me is my health, and not getting any injuries for the next two years, in preparation for the Olympic Games [Tokyo 2020], and to improve my competitions."

On whether he has earned his place on the Russian team:

"It wasn't easy for me because two years ago I wasn't a part of the main Russian team. Back then I was a boy and not a man. I now feel as though I have grown up and have an understanding of what I want to get from gymnastics.

"We get money and we get medals, so I've changed my mindset and now I'm a champion."

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