31 July 18:12 (BST)


GLASGOW - Comments from Nina DERWAEL of Belgium after senior women's podium training at the SSE Hydro on Tuesday.


On how the training went, especially on uneven bars where she is the reigning European champion:

"I am feeling very good. Podium training went well so I'm happy about that. Bars was good. I did my exercise like I wanted to, so now I'm just going to try to repeat that at the competition on Thursday."

On who she considers her closest rivals on uneven bars:

"Actually I haven't seen any of the other gymnasts, so I'm not really sure what they do. I'm just here to focus on my exercise and do a clean routine for myself."

On whether she has made any changes to her routine since last year:

"Yes, I've changed quite a bit. It's a similar exercise, but I changed my first Tkatchev to a Nabieva [names of somersaulting elements], and I tried to get some connections here and there to upgrade the difficulty."

On whether Belgium is confident of qualifying in the top eight and therefore making it to the team final:

"That's really a goal of ours - to come here and really try to get into that team final."

On whether they will stay to watch the top eight seeded teams compete in the fourth and final subdivision, after they have finished their competition in subdivision three:

"I have no idea, it depends on our coaches. But I think we will stay here, because it's quite important to see if we still have a competition two days later. It will be very interesting to watch because anything can happen, anyone can have a mistake. We will just have to do our routines like we know we can and then just hope for the best."

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