11 August 16:37 (BST)

GA: WHITLOCK (GBR), HALL (GBR), CUNNINGHAM (GBR) - silver in men's gymnastics team

GLASGOW - Comments from British gymnasts Max WHITLOCK, James HALL and Dominick CUNNINGHAM after winning the silver medal in the men's team final at The SSE Hydro on Saturday


On the team's performance:

"We can all be proud of ourselves. We've done an amazing job. Together as a team we pulled out some really good routines and we've come out with a silver medal."

On his pommel horse score of 14.433 and why they put in an enquiry to the judges:

"They didn't give me one of my skills, so we put an enquiry in, but it didn't come back [was rejected] but we can learn a lot from that."

James HALL (GBR)

On the experience of competing and winning silver behind Russia:

"It was incredible. I think eveyone stepped up their game today and looked absolutely amazing. We're not just chasing Russia, we're right there behind them, breathing down their necks. It's an exciting time - I can't wait for the next one."


On how it felt to compete in the finals and come away with the silver medal:

"It was an amazing experience to be out here. We had the best time and we still beat our qualifications score with more falls. We were on it."

On falling twice from horizontal bar:

"It's a shame about the bar. I've never done that in my life. I didn't even know where I was when I fell off. It's been weird, but this is gymnastics. As much as we train back in the gym, anything can happen. It's so hard out there. But we enjoyed every moment."

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