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GLASGOW -  Comments from gold medallists Valdis Thora JONSDOTTIR, Birgir HAFTHORSSON,Olafia KRISTINSDOTTIR and Axel BOASSON (ISL) after winning the mixed team event at Gleneagles PGA Centenary Course on Saturday.

Valdis Thora JONSDOTTIR (ISL) - gold

On joking with friends when she was at college in the United States:

"They didn't know anything about Iceland. So I told them that I lived in a three-storey igloo with a lift and that I had a polar bear as a pet. They weren't sure if I was joking, I think."

On whether they will believe her now when she phones and says ‘I’m European champion':

"I don't know. Maybe. They know I am a joker. Perhaps they will think it is another story from me."

Birgir HAFTHORSSON (ISL) - gold

On Valdis Thora JONSDOTTIR’S stories to her friends in the US (above):

"They don't believe a word she says now."

On possibly winning a second gold medal in the men’s team event on Sunday:

"Why not? We are going to keep on going, me and Axel [BOASSON].

"We were talking about winning a gold medal on Sunday, and now we already have one. We have great confidence going into the semifinals on Sunday, so we shall see."

On being related to team-mate Valdis Thora JONSDOTTIR:

"Yes we are. We are from the same town as well, about 6,000 people. Iceland is a small country."

On winning Iceland's first medal in any sport at the 2018 European Championships:

"Is it? I didn't know that. We've been concentrating on the golf."


On the difficulty of playing golf in Iceland:

"There are only five months when we can play because of the weather. Then the courses are not very good because of that.Tough conditions with the weather and the courses, so when it gets tough we handle that very well."

On making history as the first winners of the mixed event:

"It's really cool. Icelanders are from a really small nation, but we have really big hearts and we believe we can do anything. That is why we have succeeded in so many areas. It is special to put golf on the map."

Axel BOASSON (ISL) - gold

On winning the gold medal:

"We had to relax and deal with the situations as they came up. In this format it is so quick that the lead changes, you have to stay on top of it. And cut your partner some slack because you are not going to put the ball on the fairway every time."

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