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A guide to golf at Glasgow 2018

GLASGOW - The inaugural Glasgow 2018 European Championships will create a moment of history for golf at the Gleneagles PGA Centenary Course from 8-12 August.

Professional golfers will contest a revolutionary mixed team event as well as separate men's and ladies' team championships.

They will compete on equal terms for a total prize fund of 1.1 million euros (500,000 euros for each of the men's and ladies' tournaments, and 100,000 euros for the mixed).

"It is proving to be an exciting and innovatory concept," said tournament director Mike STEWART (GBR). "The players won't have competed in a mixed foursomes team event like this before in the professional game and there is a certain intrigue surrounding the tournament.

"It should create some excellent competition and there is a lot of positivity emerging from the teams which have entered."

The format for the event is complex and incorporates several scoring systems.

For the first three days, the group qualifying matches will split the 16 competing teams in both men's and ladies' championships into four groups of four and they will play three matches in a round-robin format.

These will be played under match play rules, with each of the four competitors playing his/her own ball and the best ball winning the hole.

Two points will be awarded for an overall win, one point for a tied match and no points for a defeat. Teams that win their groups will progress to the semifinals.

The semifinals and finals on 12 August will switch to a foursomes format, with players on the same team playing the same ball, taking alternate shots. There will be a separate match for third and fourth place. Any tied matches in this knockout phase will go to a hole-by-hole play off.

The mixed team championships will be held on 11 August using a stroke play format. One man and one woman will pair up, and their aggregate scores for the 18 holes will be added to those of a second pair from the same nation. Medals will be awarded to those teams with the lowest combined scores.

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