10 August 15:23 (BST)

AT: HESS (GER), PONTVIANNE (FRA) - 'I always aim at gold'

BERLIN - Comments from Max HESS (GER) and Jean-Marc PONTVIANNE (FRA) after the men's triple jump qualifying round at Berlin Olympic Stadium on Friday.

Max HESS (GER) - seventh with 16.32 metres and failed to qualify for final

On how he feels after missing out on the final:

"I am not doing fine at the moment. I am sad and disappointed. The run-up did not work. I know this stadium well, but I had the impression that every time I ran there was a headwind and this made me insecure.

"My first attempt was not far enough because I did not hit the board well. And then the second and third were faults because I had to take a risk."

Jean-Marc PONTVIANNE (FRA) - winner of group B in qualifying with 16.77 metres

On making the final after finishing eighth at the 2017 world championships in London:

"It was not easy today, but mentally I was there, very strong. The final comes at the right moment for me. I will do what is necessary to get a medal.

"In 2017, I was injured and there was also a lot of pressure. This year is different, I feel in great shape, I feel really good.

"In the final, I guess there are five to six guys who can grab the gold medal. Everyting is open. I always aim at gold."

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