10 August 21:07 (BST)

AT: HUDSON-SMITH (GBR) - gold in men's 400m

BERLIN - Comments from Matthew HUDSON-SMITH (GBR) after he won the gold medal in the men's 400m at the Berlin Olympic Stadium on Friday.

Matthew HUDSON-SMITH (GBR) - gold

On the race:

"I'm never doing that again. I've never really had lactic (acid) before. I thought, 'What is this? Oh my god, I'm swimming - that's why I was on the floor for so long.

"(My coach said) 'Don't go for anything'. I just thought, 'Let's go for it'."

On winning gold:

"It's a good feeling, it's a good feeling. I was talking to my agent and my coach. Time doesn't matter. That's for the future. This is about winning. That was the whole of this year, win Europeans. I did it."

On whether he will return to the track later in the season:

"Yeah, in Birmingham, back home. Going back to my nan's and eating food. My cooking is nuts."

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