9 August 14:28 (BST)

Italy's TOCCI still upbeat despite feet first deja vu dive

EDINBURGH - Italy's Giovanni TOCCI preached that "life goes on" after fluffing the same dive for the second time at a major event at the 2018 Glasgow European Championships on Thursday.

The 23-year-old failed to qualify for Thursday's men's 3m springboard final after hitting the water feet first and recording a "failed dive" at the Royal Commonwealth Pool.

It was his hardest dive - a reverse 3 ½ somersaults tuck. But, for Tocci, it was diving deja vu since he scored zero for the same mistake at in the Budapest 2017 World Championships.

Tocci, a silver medallist in Edinburgh in the 1m springboard, was philosophical afterwards.

"The past is the past," he said. "We have to go on and learn from our mistakes. I have already had happy moments. I got the 1m silver medal. And today I learned something new.

"On my fifth dive, my knee buckled again. It also happened in Budapest. So we need to work more on little stuff and see what happens. I'm happy. Life continues."

TOCCI plans to have another go at the dive in the 3m sychro event on Friday.

"I will have to do this dive again, so in the afternoon I will practise and try to make it good for tomorrow. It was the same dive. That's why I think it's something to do with the technique."

TOCCI finished the preliminaries in 20th place, well behind the 12 qualifiers.

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