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AT: KRAUSE (GER), SCHLUMPF (SUI), GROVDAL (NOR) - 'My last name means smurf'

BERLIN - Comments fromĀ Gesa-Felicitas KRAUSE (GER), Fabienne SCHLUMPF (SUI) and Karoline Bjerkeli GROVDAL (NOR) after they qualified on Friday for Sunday's final in the women's 3000m steeplechase at the Berlin Olympic Stadium.

Gesa-Felicitas KRAUSE (GER)

"It simply is mega cool here. Thank you so much, dear audience.

"I was training in Switerland until yesterday and watched the European championships on TV and now I can experience this wonderful atmosphere myself live.

"I tried to stay relaxed during the race, to run a controlled race. I am pleased that I was able to run so smooth and relaxed.

"I would like to improve my SB [season's best] in the final. Nothing is guaranteed in sports. My ideal Sunday would be to have a calm and relaxed morning and then to be able to show what I have in myself, what has been waiting throughout the year inside of myself.

"I know that I have been quite spoiled by success in the last years. And one gets even more hungry for success."


"I wanted to run with the leading group. It just happened like this that at one moment, I did not want to race to lose speed so I decided to go in front. And I felt good there and I was able to continue strong until the finish line.

"My family and friends are here and they wear these smurf hats because my last name means smurf. My supporters have been doing this since the 2014 (European) championships in Zurich.

"In the final, everything goes back to zero. As I felt very good during this race, I will try to run again like this on Sunday."

Karoline Bjerkeli GROVDAL (NOR)

"Coming here as one of the favourites to win is always added pressure but that's what I've been training for.

"I'm determined to get that medal, or one of the medals at least, so I'm glad qualfication went well.

"Actually, I prefer to run at the front, rather than at the back, so I can control the girls behind me, whilst running at my own pace.

"I'm really looking forward to the final on Sunday."

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