12 August 20:34 (BST)

AT: McCOLGAN (GBR) - silver in women's 5000m

BERLIN - Comments from Eilish McCOLGAN after she took the silver medal in the women's 5000m in 14 minutes 53.05 seconds at the Olympic Stadium on Sunday.

Eilish McCOLGAN (GBR) - silver

On her tactics:

"Before the race, my mum told me to believe in myself, because I'm such a strong runner, and I can go fast.

"My plan was to give it my all, and I'm really pleased I'm coming home with a medal. I knew I could run fast, but I don't have the same speed of those girls in the 1500 metres.

"I'm so tall, that it takes me some time to get my legs going.

"I kept my eye on the girl at the front, and as soon as they started charging, I knew I had to go with them.

"When I saw Sifan HASSAN (NED) and the Israeli athlete (Lonah Chemtai SALPETER) going for it in the home straight when there was still one lap to go, I was really confused.

"In fact, I was really annoyed at myself because I thought I had timed it wrong. I was really tempted to stop, but I'm really glad I didn't."

On her commitment to her sport:

"I love what I do, because it gives me the chance to compete in all the stadiums my mum competed in."

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