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Media Conference Highlights: HARTLEY, BUCKNER, ALLEN, TWEDDLE (GBR)

GLASGOW - Comments from Colin HARTLEY, director of Glasgow 2018; Jack BUCKNER, chief executive of British Swimming; Jane ALLEN, chief executive of British Gymnastics and Britain's former world gymnastics champion, Beth TWEDDLE during a media conference at the Championships Media Hub on Thursday 2 August.

Colin HARTLEY, Director Glasgow 2018

On the Glasgow 2018 European Championships:

"We're really over the moon to be finally delivering sports. This morning, rowing and gymnastics got underway, with track cycling starting this evening. After years of planning and preparation, we are finally there.

"We're really excited that Glasgow and Scotland are staging this very innovative, groundbreaking event.

"Eleven days of world-class sport lies ahead. We've got really good programming of sport, that'll be broadcast around the world, not just in Europe.

"This is going to get fantastic coverage for Glasgow, for Scotland and for European athletes."

On the opening day of competition not including any medal events:

"We were always aware the first day would be a day without a medal. The first one is tomorrow for synchronised swimming so we're looking forward to that being awarded down at Scotstoun Sports Campus."

On Scotstoun Sports Campus, which hosts the synchronised swimming events at Glasgow 2018:

"It's been quite an exciting couple of years at this venue, with a temporary tank which is three metres deep for synchro and 20 by 25 metres takes up a couple of tennis courts. It's a really intimate arena.

"Synchro's a sport, like gymnastics, that's absolutely spectacular. It's a fantastic sport for TV. It's been a challenge to build that venue, but we've got it up and running. There are 330,000 gallons of water in that pool, which is quite a lot."

On ticket sales at the Championships:

"We're really pleased with ticket sales. It's obviously a brand-new event and we've got a fantastic number of sports.

"We've sold close to 120,000 tickets which, compared with individual championships, is far greater.

"There are tickets available still for a number of sessions - track cycling and other sports as well. There are a significant number of free events.

"We wanted to make sure events are as free and accessible as they can be. When broadcast kicks in tomorrow, those final tickets will be snapped up, I'm confident of that."

Jack BUCKNER, Chief Executive British Swimming

On the Glasgow 2018 European Championships:

"On behalf of British Swimming, we're delighted to be here. It's been a fantastic project. We've been big supporters of this project from day one. It's massively important for British Swimming and also European sport because we need to work to attract new audiences.

"Traditional Olympic sport needs to be progressive, and that's what this event is.

"It's our key meet of the year, so we've got all our top stars hopefully in great form. Adam PEATY (GBR) has come back from the Commonwealth Games with a bit of a point to prove. He's in great shape. Ben PROUD (GBR) could be one of the stars (of the Championships), given his recent performances, and we've got plenty of local interest in local heroes such as Duncan SCOTT (GBR) and we've got a fantastic squad within Scottish swimming.

"We're massively excited and committed to it and can't wait to get going."

Jane ALLEN, Chief Executive British Gymnastics

On the Glasgow 2018 European Championships:

"British Gymnastics has a fabulous relationship with Glasgow. I'd like to congratulate Scotland and the city of Glasgow for this wonderful concept of bringing all these Olympic sports together. It can do nothing more than strengthen the sporting landscape, so congratulations to Scotland and Glasgow.

"We feel like we've come home all the time when we come to Glasgow. We've run some fantastic events here, none better than the 2015 world (Artistic Gymnastics) championships, which were hailed as the best gymnastics event ever held. It was innovative. The sports presentation, the venue layout - all of the things that we are now seeing three years after that event echoed round the world in different gymnastics events. We're very proud of the legacy that event brings us.

"From our athletes' point of view, in the men's programme next week we have Max WHITLOCK (GBR), our two-time Olympic champion from Rio (2016 Games), and Courtney TULLOCH (GBR), our rings champion, on display. Our men's programme will be very, very competitive.

"From the women's side of things, we've had a bit of a rocky road. We lost our top gymnast yesterday. (Due to) a slight ankle injury, we've had to withdraw Becky DOWNIE (GBR). But it opens the door for other opportunities, and we have Taeja JAMES (GBR) coming into the team, a very, very exciting young gymnast who has a great future ahead of her. The women's programme will do the best they can and will turn in a good performance for us as well."

Beth TWEDDLE (GBR), triple world and six-time European gymnastics champion

On the Glasgow 2018 European Championships:

"For me to see yet another event coming back to Glasgow is fantastic. British Gymnastics and the city of Glasgow have got an amazing relationship and obviously over the years have progressed that relationship.

"To have a third major championships in the Hydro in the space of only a few years really shows Glasgow how top-class they are.

"They always have the athletes at the heart of every decision. Training venues are always within walking distance and that can be a key thing. It's always great to see the gymnasts at the heart of the decisions.

"We're going to see an amazing amount of gymnastics in the next couple of weeks. We have got our juniors here, so to see these young stars two years ahead of the Olympics is really exciting. They'll probably feature at Tokyo 2020 so the fact that they're getting exposed here at the Hydro is a fantastic opportunity for them."

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