11 August 22:02 (BST)

AT: MIHAMBO (GER) - gold in women's long jump

BERLIN - Comments from Malaika MIHAMBO (GER) after she won the gold medal in the women's long jump with a leap of 6.75 metres at the Olympic Stadium on Saturday.

Malaika MIHAMBO (GER) - gold

On how the crowd influenced her performance:

"I felt the vibes of the audience. At the beginning, I had some struggles with the energy of the audience and the pressure I felt. But I took it step by step and told myself what I had to do. So I got into the competition well."

On her state of mind as the competition progressed:

"At the end it was very tight. I followed the results of the other jumpers and was not sure about my medal because I knew that the others could jump further than me.

"During competition I am always very focussed, so I do not perceive what is going on around me.

"I did not know that Germany was about to win a gold medal in the high jump. Only just before my last attempt I had an eye contact with Mateusz [PRZYBYLKO, who won gold for Germany in the men's high jump]."

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