4 August 16:10 (BST)

In numbers - mountain bike

GLASGOW - A snapshot of the mountain bike competition at the Glasgow 2018 European Championships in facts and figures.

Athletes who are scheduled to compete.

The minimum expected time in minutes riders will take to complete the race.

The '80 per cent rule' will be in place, which means any rider falling more than 80 per cent behind the leader's lap time will be disqualified.

The average speed in World Cups is 17.5km/h for women and 20 km/h for men. The Cathkin Braes course is expected to ride slightly faster than that.

The average lap time of the course in minutes, using previous trials as a guide.

The number of laps the men complete will be dependent on the condition of the course due to weather etc. Women will ride five or six laps.

The length of a single lap of the course in kilometres. During the first lap, riders have to complete an additional full lap of the start loop before they head on to the remainder of the course.

Medal events: men's cross-country and women's cross-country.

Competition day, Tuesday 7 August.

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