9 August 15:36 (BST)

OW: BURNELL (GBR) - 'That's what the sport is, it's brutal'

GLASGOW - Comments from Jack BURNELL (GBR) after he finished seventh in the men's open water 10km race at Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Parks on Thursday.


On how he found the race:

"All right. It was obviously a tough race. Considering all things this season, not a terrible result."

On the obvious injury to his face (blood running down his chin):

"That's what the sport is, it's brutal. A lot goes on, a lot of underhand tactics. I was at the sore end of it in Rio, and at the sore end of it a bit here. It's just part and parcel of it, and you move on."

On the physicality of the race:

"It was quite physical. With the wetsuits, no-one really knows where everyone's going to place. Everyone's a bit unsure of how everyone performs in a wetsuit. Unfortunately, I couldn't race in my sponsor's wetsuit, but I just had to deal with it."

On the conditions in the water:

"It's not about making excuses - 'I was in a wetsuit so that's why I was slower' - everyone was in a wetsuit."

On how his season is progressing:

"I have had two broken ribs in one season which cost months out of the water. So I've come into this very unift. It was just about coming here and seeing what we could do and not putting too much pressure on it."

On looking forward to the Tokyo 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games:

"The reason I'm here today is because of Tokyo. The result here really doesn't matter to me, it's a stepping stone to Tokyo. The shape I'll be in for Tokyo compared to here will be completely different."

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