12 August 14:44 (BST)

OW: RASOVSZKY (HUN) - gold in men's 25km open water swimming

GLASGOW - Comments from Kristof RASOVSZKY (HUN) after winning the gold medal in the men's 25km open water swimming at Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park on Sunday.

Kristof RASOVSZKY (HUN) - gold

On being chased to the finish, as in his10km race:

"It was really hard, a really tough race and after the sixth lap I was really angry about why I decided to swim this 25k.

"So I tried to be focused on the race and be in front and sometimes do a bit of backstroke to save my energy and see Axel (REYMOND, FRA, who finished fourth) because he is the world champion and I know he is very strong in the last 5km so I tried to be with him."

On whether this makes up for losing the gold at the finish to Ferry WEERTMAN (NED) in the 10km:

"In the last lap I saw the Russian guy (Kirill BELYAEV, who won silver) coming up like Ferry (WEERTMAN, NED) did, so I saw the finish and tried to swim faster, and be the first to make the panel with my hand and not to be in a photo finish like in the 10k."

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