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OW: VAN ROUWENDAAL (NED) - gold in women's 10km open water swimming #2

GLASGOW - Comments from Sharon VAN ROUWENDAAL (NED) after winning the gold medal in the women's 10km open water swimming event at Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park on Thursday.

Sharon VAN ROUWENDAAL (NED) - gold

On breaking away from the rest of the field:

"I go a little bit faster, then a bit slower, then faster and then it broke. There were only nine of the five and I tried to break it, and I tried to break it again, and I tried to break it again, and at the end there were four girls left. I knew it was going to be hard.

"I wanted to win so badly."

On her race strategy:

"The first round I just tried to relax, do it in front and swim easy. And the girls couldn't follow.

"There were nine of us left, so I look around and I think, 'OK what's the next strategy'. The strategy was to try and stay in front. Sometimes it was hard and at the end I see there was only four left, three left and then two. And I know the Italian she followed me the whole 10K so I think she had more energy left than me, but then I found energy in the last 2000 metres.

"I said (to myself) 'come on you you can do it, you can win another gold'."

On her preparation after winning the 5km on Wednesday:

"Yesterday I was tired, I didn't sleep that well and the day before also. But when I train in France I'm always tired so it's normal to do 10K sessions. So I say to myself, 'it's only 10K in one day, what can happen?'

"I didn't feel that strong today because of yesterday. Yesterday was focusing on recovering quickly so I could be here today."

On what the European title means to her:

"It was amazing because I had the title in 2014, and then in 2016 I missed the bridge at the finish, but I was winning. So I didn't have the title before the Olympics and that was a hard moment and now I just wanted to get back my title.

"Yesterday I was like, 'OK I already have the title' so I was so happy but today I fought for it."

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