12 August 15:57 (BST)

OW: VAN ROUWENDAAL (NED) - silver in women's 25km open water

GLASGOW - Comments from Sharon VAN ROUWENDAAL (NED) after winning silver in the 25km race at Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park on Sunday.

Sharon VAN ROUWENDAAL (NED) - silver

On losing her lead after making a wrong turn and having to go back, swim the correct course and chase the pack:

"It's a mistake, I was swimming so fast that my head was turning and I was pacing, pacing, pacing, pacing and I see that I'm not going in a good direction, but my head was spinning.

"I heard someone yell and then it was too late. I go back and I tried catch the women, so I catch the men and they stay on my feet and I catch a girl, another girl - I'm crying at that moment.

"And then the coach told me I was fifth. I tried to catch them and I know the girls in front they were at the feet of the best boys, the first pack, so they weren't faster than me but I know the last round they had to do it alone and I was swimming faster than the boys so I knew I could catch them.

"But at the end I caught the Italian girl (gold medal winner Arianna BRIDI) and I was sprinting, but the last 100 (metres) I had cramp in my leg and my head was spinning and when she came next to me I was dead. But I was already dead at 20k."

On how she will look back on the Championships now:

"Four medals with a... it's still like gold today. It was a stupid mistake."

On the fact that her superstition to go naked under her wetsuit did not help her today:

"Well it did help because I swam faster. But there were four girls today who were naked."

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