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OW: VAN ROUWENDAAL, WEERTMAN (NED) #2 - gold in the open water mixed team relay

GLASGOW - Comments from Dutch open water swimmers Sharon VAN ROUWENDAAL and Ferry WEERTMAN after winning the gold medal in the mixed team relay at Loch Lomond and The Trossachs National Park on Saturday.

Sharon VAN ROUWENDAAL (NED) - gold

On winning her third gold medal of Glasgow 2018 (she also won the women's 5km and 10km events):

"This was the most stressful because we have four (in the team) so it's not in my hands but we all did a good job. We waited for Ferry to finish but this was team work and we did it."

On the final few metres when WEERTMAN and Florian WELLBROCK (GER) were fighting it out for the title:

"I was watching and then not watching. I was so stressed for everyone. I knew Ferry could finish but the guy next to him is so fast."

On whether she was wearing a swimsuit, having won the 10km 'naked' on Thursday:

"No more swimming costumes. Before, I said to Sarah KOEHLER (GER, silver), 'ok if you win, I will put on the swimming costume, and if we win then you go naked underneath that wetsuit'. She has to go naked now."

On whether she will compete in the 25km:

"We'll see. I feel pretty tired but I feel I can swim the 25. It's just whether I manage to finish it because the wet suit makes it harder."

Ferry WEERTMAN (NED) - gold

On the race:

"The race was really tough. Florian (WELLBROCK, silver) is an amazing swimmer and I know when he has the space to himself, in the pool he is the fastest. Luckily in the open water there is different rules and luckily I could get close to him and annoy him a little bit. That's my habitat.

"I have more experience than him. I get really close then he cannot do what he normally does in the pool. He drags me with him and it makes it easier for me to get to the finish with him. In the last 200m that's where my power is and I just waited for the sprint then went for the touch again.

"I was swimming in his wave and it was really hard for him to get out of there. When it's a one-on-one race I could just go with him. If there were more swimmers then maybe he would have found a gap to get away. I'm good at a one-on-one fight."

On being part of a team:

"When you are part of the team you cannot push them or make them go faster so you are just there, shouting 'come on' and waiting for your turn. If you are not the last I can imagaine it's pretty exciting."

On becoming the A team - shouted by WEERTMAN:

"It was a joke. We did an Instragram picture of us standing the same as the A team from the TV series. It was a joke and something to bond over, it made us become a team a little bit more. We all had our own specialities and together we are the best. It  was a kind of metaphor. We all have certain qualities and today we were the best."

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