2 August 14:50 (BST)

RO: SCHMID (SUI), GALAMBOS (HUN) - 'We have the biggest fan group here'

GLASGOW - Comments from defending champion Michael SCHMID (SUI) and Peter GALAMBOS (HUN) after their heats of the lightweight men's single sculls at Strathclyde Country Park on Thursday.

Michael SCHMID (SUI)

On how the race went:

"It was all right. It wasn't a fast race. It was the first race of the regatta.

"I had a pretty hard training cycle before and I'm happy to race again. From that perspective it was all right."

On being defending champion:

"It's a really cool thing. I had a good year last year and this year it's going well again. It's good to have the opportunity to defend the title."

On the support of Swiss fans:

"A lot of our fans, parents and family (have) come over and that's pretty cool. At the moment we have the biggest fan group here. We're not the biggest country so that's good for us."


On winning the race:

"Finally, it was a good race for me, because so far this year I haven't worked really hard."

On his tactics for the semifinal:

"I'm sure I will need to put in even more in the semifinal, but in principle I will do the same, just a little faster."

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