3 August 17:42 (BST)

Russia mixed synchro gold medallists change routine at last minute after mix-up in lifts

GLASGOW - Russia's synchronised swimming mixed duet pair Aleksandr MALTSEV and Maya GURBANBERDIEVA put together their technical gold medal-winning routine just half an hour before competition on Friday after discovering their planned performance contained too many lifts.

Coach Gana MAKSIMOVA (RUS) put the partners through their new paces on the carpet of the Scotstoun Sports Campus then watched in relief as they performed brilliantly to become European champions.

"We had to change the programme in less than one hour. The change was very stressful for the team. We had to change it because we could get penalties if not changed," MAKSIMOVA said.

MALTSEV and GURBANBERDIEVA originally had four lifts built into their technical duet routine. The mistake was spotted by a coach as they prepared in the practice pool.

"It was very difficult and we were in a stressed situation before the start because we know that we must not do three lifts because of the rules. We know we only need to do one lift and we had four so we had to cancel three," MALTSEV said.

“It was before the start, 30 minutes, and we had to change our routine in the practice pool and we could not show our full programme. We only knew because one Spanish person, a coach, told us during the preparation."

Russia have won the first two medals in the synchronised swimming competition; the mixed technical duet and the technical duet.

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