10 August 22:35 (BST)

AT: SHUBENKOV (ANA) - silver in men's 110m hurdles

BERLIN - Comments from Sergey SHUBENKOV after winning the silver medal in 13.17 seconds in the men's 110m hurdles at the Olympic Stadium on Friday.

Sergey SHUBENKOV - silver

On the race:

"This was definitely not my style of running. I went three times sub-13 (seconds) this year and I was aiming for a much better time.

"If you get the victory for 13.17, OK, I am fine with it. I leave it to (gold medallist) Pascal (MARTINOT-LAGARDE, FRA, who recorded the same time).

"Maybe the timing was not right for me this season. I had the peak before the championships and now the times are going a bit down.

"The European champs was the main goal for me and we did not plan anything else after this. So we need to sit down with coach and talk about what is next. Becoming a father gave me new and positive motivation in my career.

"It is very nice that all I do now also has connection to my personal life."

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